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This Is For The Ladies!

When God told Samuel to go to Jesse's house and anoint the next king, off he went. Jesse had several sons, all strappingly young and attractive men who were brawny and, I'm sure full of confidence of their capabilities. Hmmmm.

When Samuel got there, Jesse lined them all up, but when Samuel tried to pour the oil, nothing happened. Perplexed, Samuel ask Jesse." Are there any more sons?"

His reply," Well, there's one more, but he's out in the field with the sheep."

Let me translate that for you in modern language:

"He's really not that cute. He doesn't go to the gym and work out. He isn't on social media. His ride is kinda old, and he just looks plain, and that's not my type!

Now, back to the story! When Samuel poured on the oil on the one who didn't look like he was "the one," the anointing flowed. David went back to the sheep, after he was anointed, slayed the giant and eventually become king.

We can tend to judge people based on false premises. Its very important to look past what you see. Look at the humility, the work ethic, familiarity that resembles an unfavorable soul tie, and if they have a RELATIONSHIP with God.

It's ok to want a Boaz. But it also ok to want a David. Just make sure He wants Our God more than he wants you!

Have a terrific day!

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