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The Real Image

As some of you might already know, I am an avid black coffee drinker!! Two cups in the early morning hours help to jump start my day. Since I don't add anything to it, it's never a reason for me to look in the bottom of the mug, until just now.

As I was preparing for my day, I took that last sip, and I could see an image in the bottom of the mug. It was me! Only, the image I saw looked so different than the image that I saw in the mirror. Wow! I looked at what I saw. The features looked exaggerated, magnified in such a way that you couldn't see unless you were looking in the mug.

What lenses are people viewing you from? What image are they really seeing when they see you? You may look in the mirror and see one image, while they are looking thru the lenses of a different perspective and seeing another.

Our compass lenses should be that of The Father. We should align our vision with His, so that when others view us, they see him.

Have a wonderful day, knowing that Our Father sees You!!!

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