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The Image I See

Last year, in a season of uncertainty of crisis, from healthcare to covid, racism to the realization of who people really were, and a justice system that seemed to offer none, I was assigned, along with several other women to write a chapter with the title in mind, "The Image In The Mirror."

Some of the reflection was quite painful. My Mom used to say, " if you stir old poop, it will start to stink again!" Mine was starting to smell in the places of my mind I thought I'd forgotten.

One of the things, however, I learned, was to look past what I saw in the mirror. And that's what Our Father does, daily! He looks past the made us faces, fake smiles and the walls of "protection" to see us.

May we look at ourselves today, as well as others and see as He sees. We are not perfect, but He is a God that loves imperfect people, perfectly!!!

Have an amazing day!

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