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Stay In Your Lane

Recently, I had some work being done on my vehicle, and since I drive an SUV, the rental company wanted to put me in something I was used to.

They gave me a Tahoe! Lol! I looked at the size of that monster and thought, "Oh snap!"

There are so many dings and whistles, not to mention the size was very intimidating!

My thoughts were, "Ok God. If you want me to drive this, I will."

On my drives to work I noticed how even though I was in a huge driving machine, I had the tendency to look at the other drivers. There is an illustration in the panel that tells you if you are too far over the line and notifies you with a ding if you are.

That's God. That's Our Father. He gives us huge blessings that we did not acquire on our own but thru His Loving kindness and grace. And yet we sometimes tend to look over in the other lane. We look at what other people are doing instead of staying in the lane He has for us.

Its not to say we don't aspire to be greater. Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to HIS purpose!

Father, thank you for keeping me in the lane you have for me in this season. I focus on what you have for me, and rejoice what You have done for others. You are the same God. So I give you glory and wait until Your divine goodness directs my path in the way You have already prepared for me!

Have an amazing day!

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