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As I lay in bed on a rainy Sunday morning, my mind goes to certain things.

Love and to be loved is always a desirable thing. A large house with a plentiful back yard, and a bank account that never has to worry!

All those things, however, mean nothing if there is no peace in my heart.

The past year saw me with none of those things, however I have alot of the latter; the peace.

I also have the promises of God.

If he said it, I believe it. And if he said it, it is done.

Allowing Him to guide my heart instead of my flesh and emotions can be challenging at times, but trusting God in it all is worth every second.

The desires of my heart mean nothing if He is not at the center of it all.

I lack nothing, and I gain everything in him.

Just my Reflections on a rainy Sunday morn.

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