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Catch Phrases that Entangle

I've often heard the phrase growing up, "let's put that to sleep." Sounds permanent, huh?

Only it's not. Because when we call ourselves putting to sleep a bad behavior, habit or

situation, it can come back. So we just literally gave it a rest!!!!

When we want to rid something in our lives, such as what's stated above, we must replace it with the beautiful fruits of the Spirit!

So, I don't want to put to sleep my smoking habit. I want to rid myself of that and replace it with something good and positive, such as something from The Father.

Our words really matter. And when we tell ourselves we are putting it to sleep, our minds understands that to be temporary. Instead, we should say, " i am replacing my smoking with healthy eating."

Father, identify the areas in our lives where something needs to be removed and let us speak those words to call it so. Our words have power and we have the authority in Jesus.

Amen. Have a wonderful day!!

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